The Ampersand Indent Collection is a body of work created for interior design, styling and the harmony of spaces in mind. It's graphic notes are an abstract play on the etymology of language, while the rhythmic aesthetic and synergy of gentle pastel tones adds a calming ambience to the rooms they occupy. Selection of works have either been commissioned or curated exclusively for this series // 2019 // Stylist loan enquire at


177 x 122cm

Acrylic and Graphite on Canvas

Flamingo (Great Salt Lake)  // 70 X 48" (177 X 122cm)  Acrylic, Oil and Charcoal on Canvas

Garden Of Venus  // 48 X 70" (122 X 177cm)  Acrylic and Oil on Canvas

The Desert Sun  // 48 X 70" (122 X 177cm)  Acrylic and Oil on Canvas

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