/  a perpetual state of becoming; nascent formations resisting fixed and finite meaning.

A study of the ever-changing face and unpredictability of nature's moods, weather, bodies of water, and epic landscapes - with focus on the skies and sea. Inspiration from voyages and explorations in the freezing North Atlantic, to where the sky meets the seas of South Pacific and beyond.

Romanticism & Abstract Expressionism  | 2016 

'WHEN THE STORM WOULD COME' 160 x 140cm; Acrylic on Canvas - SOLD

The North Sea, United Kingdom

'MIDSUMMER STORM WAVES AT SEA' 200 x 200cm; Acrylic on Canvas - SOLD

'MIDSUMMER STORM WAVES AT SEA' 200 x 200cm; Studio Progress

'INERTIA' 200 x 200cm; Acrylic On Canvas - SOLD

'SILENCE' 100 x 120cm; Acrylic On Canvas - SOLD

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