'Child Of The Universe' 

Oracle Card Deck & Guidebook


"Etre Britta's stunning card deck and extended guidebook is a bridge between the heavens and Earth. She pulls together celestial and astrological energies to bring you complete guidance from Universal Source, and opens the channel of communication to our Higher Selves. This Oracle Set is wonderfully executed to reach an audience of both beginners and advanced practitioners alike.


Illustrated, written and created by Etre Britta, Child Of The Universe stands to be a new cult sensation with allure, mystery and magic."

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- Etre Britta On Her Project


"It’s my desire that the Child Of The Universe project brings the beautiful gift of spiritual perspective; one that beacons each of us to step back from the drama of our lives so that we may embrace the wonderments that we too often shut out. The dreamy, celestial nature of the cards and guidebook helps us to drift off into a spiritual state of being, reminding us we not only belong to humanity but also amongst the stars of the cosmos. May it instil that we are all unique golden threads of light interwoven within the indivisible fabric of Universal existence, and we are never as separated as we ever think or feel."


- Etre Britta

- Quotes From The Book


- Introduction

"Welcome to the Child Of The Universe Limited Edition Deck and Guidebook set, a wonderful journey is about to unfold as you connect your intuitive heart to the infinite cosmos. A place in between two worlds where you're free to wander barefoot under the moonlight and meander amongst the dreams of stars..."

- Neptune's Lessons

"Neptune helps us release our grips from egoic issues, by reminding our spirit to walk amongst the beauty and power of our world — in valley’s flourishing with life, under luminous skies, along ridges of majestic mountains, swimming in the seas of tranquility — which is where the true connection to our soul and spirit lie...


The magical energies of Neptune reminds us that it’s impossible for us to fall off the Universe, and we are all little particles of stardust that will be recollected and reassembled each and every time. It helps us to soften our eyes, in order to blur the lines that seperate us from other. Notice when the mind starts to narrow itself through critical thinking and judgemental thoughts, so that you’re able to release separatist views of our reality; this will help you to open the realm of emotions and intuition that provide a more inclusive and cosmic perspective..."

- Our Earthy Mission

"Our mission to some extent is clear; to discover the aspects of Source Energy that dwell within each of our soul fragments, within the Karmic vibrations of each and every lifetime. It’s on this planet we find the battle and fusion between the ego and soul unfold. The dynamic expressions of Source (that differ from human to human) is like a golden thread of cosmic light, that unifies and reconnects us all together here on Earth..."

- 'Intuition' Card

"This card represents itself as the mysterious unconscious. Your intuition sits between worlds that provide the fertile ground in which creative events occur. Its energy is our unrealised potential, waiting for an active principle to bring it to expression. Allow the mind to trust the wisdom of a heart, for a change..."

- 'Waxing Gibbous' Lunar Card

“The Gibbous Moon is encouraging you to reflect on expansion and growth. It’s time for patience, in the final steps of arriving at the doorway to Other places. So start tying off loose ends! At it’s very root, this card is about you being the stabilising force in your own world and staying on course. You are given full responsibility for your behaviour when this card appears..."

 - What People Are Saying From Around The World



If you're doubting this deck - don't! The cards are absolutely beautiful and so well made, I could spend hours looking at them and still discover more details I didn't see before. The book is unlike anything I've ever seen, truly a great tool for both experienced readers and learners. Can't recommend enough!!

- Casey, Australia

"I didn't realisze just how stunning these were going to be in real life, the pictures do not do them enough justice. The card stock and finishings of it all are just amazing. A work of art."

- Harrison, California

"This guidebook is everything! It's an entire journey into the cosmos in's not just wafty spiritual language, but covers really in-depth technical aspects as well. I'm so glad I took the leap of faith with this new deck, I just adore it."

-  Bryn, New York

"Thank you for creating this masterpiece Britta, your beautiful writing has inspired and gifted me with the knowledge to explore so much of what I love. It's a whole BOOK about Astrology, not just a card reference guide as you might expect with others!"

- Inês, Portugal

"Such a beautiful deck! I'm in love with it and in awe of the beauty and detail. Unlike anything I've ever used before."

-  Haakon-Åse, Norway

"The cards are filled with moonlight, planets and wonderful energies; they really really soothe my soul. The drawings are just so beautiful and they are now mine to enjoy everyday!"

- 京子 山本,  Japan

"I just got my cards, and I'm overwhelmed! The cards are absolutely beautiful, I can feel the spirit of them, and I 100% believe they will be as magical as they seem. I am just getting started into Astrology, and this book feels like teacher and guide I will learn so much from. I am blown away by it! Finding your cards feels like a special gift to help me navigate and explore these new places I find myself. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making these and putting this wonderful tool out there for others!"

- Natalie, Mississippi

"...Just want to spread the word about this gorgeous deck that has come into my life. The guidebook alone is worth the purchase and is more like a Mystic’s encyclopedia. Love this so much ❤️ "

- Briatrix, USA

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Wow wow wow. What a beautiful set. It resonated with me the second I found it after setting an intention months ago to find the perfect deck. I'm speechless and full o gratitude.

- Alicia, Houston Texas

- The Child Of The Universe Edition Sets


Limited Edition Set Includes :
60-Card Oracle Deck, 5-part Extended Book - 480pgs, Keepsake Card Box, Ritual Bag and Celestial Crystal.

i. Silver Guilded Deck with Black Linen Finish Card Stock, Keepsake Box and Hard Cover Book. ii. Black Suede Ritual Bag with hand printed design, and hand chosen Celestial Crystal to charge and protect your cards. iii. Blue-Black Cloth Hard Cover Book, with Silver Foiled design and black bookmark ribbon. iv. Guidebook Contents - Universal Systems; Numerology, Astrology - Traditional & Advanced Esoteric, Planetary Energies, Chakras, The Zodiac, and other Celestial Guidances. Card meanings, getting started, creating the space, consecrating your cards, clearing the deck, asking questions, shuffling & cutting the deck, reading the cards, accessing your intuition, cleanings & charging the deck, simple meditations, affirmations, card spreads, FAQ, troubleshooting and more...

First Edition Set Includes :

 Silver Guilded Deck with Black Linen Finish Card Stock, Keepsake Box & Soft Cover Extended Guidebook in Gloss finish (contents as above).


I've noticed the first print run of these guidebooks contains some typos, so I will be covering all standard shipping costs worldwide.

I trust the content and magic within this book will still transcend through the written words, and it's core magic will run deeply through your veins. Britta x
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