PULSE OF NATURE& our connection

'Pulse of Nature' is a body of work Exhibited Climate Week NYC, 2017  | 42nd Street Manhattan, New York.

Inspired by the notion of  'connecting to solution', this work is in response to our (dis)connect to the Earth. It explores the pulses of
energy, we as human beings inevitably manifest and subsequently leave imprinted on this planet.  Whether we are aware of it, or not.

Each work is in essence a time-based piece, where the materiality of light and process meet, and explored conceptually in unison.
The threads of light seen humming through each work, offer a sense of tangibility to the energetic footprints left echoing behind us -

individually, and collectively as individuals throughout history. A timeline that pulses a story from our choices, actions, decisions and practises, all of which have established & dictated the current health of our Earth. 

These light trails document a physical journey of exampling a problem - a metaphor anew of small positive action being the solution.
The captured images are a exposures of divinely vast and disparate (global) experiences. Northern Hemisphere glaciers, remote mountain ranges,

to seemingly untouched landscapes, 900 km from the closest capital in the Australian outback, to coveted ocean coastlines of the Pacific.

While rich in diversity, with cultural & geographical disconnect, each site specific location is still inherently connected by the exact same pulse of human impact.
Campaigning to taking back ownership of the problem; this series of work is an exemplar to the solution.
By collecting
 discarded items, originally created and subsequently 'left'  by man - rubbish, debris, foreign items, found objects, and other waste. A found theme that is threading together all corners of the globe. Our Human Impressions.

The same energy causing the problem,  can connect (with new awareness) and become the solution.

We are the problem - no-one without exception. We are the solution -  no-one without exception. 

"Relative to a 24 hour day, humans have only been on this planet for three seconds [pulses] and we've single handily caused catastrophic & irreversible harm to the Earth, in such a short period of time.We are undoubtedly the dis-ease on the planet, the toxicity causing her so much suffering. But, we're not only causing the destruction of her, but ultimately ourselves. You know, we're all apart of this ecological network, so I just don't understand how can we possibly seperate the global problems - such as climate change, or environmental destruction - from ourselves? It's time to start thinking about reconnecting, and questioning our roles as 'the individual'. While we can't undo the past, we can certainly learn from it. We need to reflect on our own individual journey, look at your timeline, where have you contributed? What actions can YOU change YOURSELF? 
You have to pose the question; d
o we even make it to the 4th pulse of existence?" - Etre Britta 
Nexus, The Artists Pen

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