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A literary gesture of narrative craft, poetry and thought;

creating images from the written language.

'Child Of The Universe'

Oracle Card Deck & Guidebook


"Etre Britta's stunning card deck and book is a bridge between the heavens and Earth. She pulls together celestial and astrological energies to bring you complete guidance from Universal Source, and opens a channel of communication with our Higher Selves.


Illustrated, written and created by Etre Britta, Child Of The Universe stands to be a new cult sensation."

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The Water Journal V° 2


Feature, pg117 : 'The North Sea'


A quiet exploration of all things water,
celebrating its undeniable beauty and complexity.
[ A Journal Recount of sailing in the North Sea.] | @thewaterjournal

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Feature in #SunSeekers : 'One Hell of a Muse'


Exploring the elusive creative flow, chasing the genesis of inspiration.
[4 stanza poem] | @summersite

Additional 2017 - Works

1 | Collection Of Intentions Book 

2 | The Iceview

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