A community-based project - sculpture - installation - dissertation

'Reflections'  harnesses 'The Mirror' beyond a Western philosophical object, and utilises it as an metaphysical medium & tool through sculptural works.  Affectively showing how it reveals & challenges the modern emergence of clear ontological distinctions between disembodied subjects & the objects of knowledge, and suggests a compelling terrain of metaphilosophical analysis.

This project explores the inherent complexity of the relationship between subject & its mirror image, an investigation mediated by physical site location. The large-scale works will become an embodiment of both physical and philosophical reflections of their immediate surrounds, questioning our perspectives in-and-of these significant spaces; giving way for an emergence of unknowing, indeterminacy and ontological ambiguity. 

The work begins to rethink the metaphor of reflection anew, in terms of the metaphysical. It challenges and questions our perceptions of self and the human experience, society and our social constructs, connect & disconnect with nature and our natural environment - carrying a significant message of environmental conservation, and making space for political contemplation, on affairs such as human rights.

Change begins with the individual - the awakening of the mind - this work aims to evoke some form of conscious thought and response. It encourages engagement in totality by starting an ongoing conversation through presence and interactivity, questioning our perception with physical reflection.

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