A Paradigm Shift | Luminal Sculptures


2018 | In Development

'The Liminal Space' explores the indefinable, and uncomfortable nature of transition, through unknown, unfamiliar spaces.
It recreates the disturbance we experience as we aim to define our internal and external environments, through the lens of the familiar energetic patterns in our lives. It expands our mode of perception, and calls us to expand our predictable thought signatures into processing anew. A space where we must learn to patiently accept, surrender for our intuition to flow through the environment untainted by emotional or psychological habits; here curiosity takes over from anxiety, and peace from turbulent distress as we pass through the next threshold of life.


An infamous space of growth, creativity and development.



'Freedom is found not by sleeping or running away, but by choosing to be awake and staying here long enough for the magic doors to open."

Within darkness, luminescent sculptures challenge known perceptions of the expected, as they morph into anew.
Once appearing as a known shape or object, the aspect change gives way to new angles of the work which disfigure original perception.

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