Jul - Aug 2016

Norður Spring


A dreamy Icelandic Spring, just as the Northern Lights have left sight, and the rising sun begins to fall into a lazy rhythm waving through the clear skies, never to set.

Based in Skagaströnd in the remote North of Iceland, nestled on the east coast of the bay Húnaflói, 'Norður' captures explorations of the far northern reached of Iceland; as an Artist in Residence in the Spring of 2016. Closely surrounded by the mountain of Spákonufell and the Cap of Spákonufell, overlooking the mute azure waters to the distant fjords in the West. 
The roads lead us to further east to Akureyri, Sauðárkrókur for closer day explorations, as well as the North Western tips to explore the Ísafjarðardjúp fjords; marvelling as we explored the northernmost glacier of Iceland Drangajökull. 

Explorations, studio, creatives, mountain hikes, snow storms, wind storms, sunrise yoga in the black sands of the bay, sunsets that doubled over themselves, epic 'scapes exploring roads through the fjords,  Winter's melting snow caps and plateaus, wild Icelandic horses, sea & overnight fishing expeditions, local farmers & their tales of family Saga's, exhibitions and galleries, witchcraft, folk law and viking tales, new buds and transient bird life of Spring, and moments in solitude.

A selection of - 35mm film.

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