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Reflecting on what has been a pretty remarkable year in Twenty Sixteen, finishing off my body of work 'Ocean',

an opportunity was presented and an invitation was extended. An international, creative collaboration for Climate Change and pressing Global Conversation.

I was invited to participate, and show works at 'The Creative Climate Awards 2016' in New York, apart of the larger annual event 'CLIMATE WEEK NYC'. Climate Week NYC is one of the key events in the international calendar that has been driving climate action forward since it was first launched in 2009.

I was amongst some amazing international talent; artists who were creating climate-inspired, public works and actions.The aim of the event is to inspire everyone to think more critically about our actions and their impacts, the Creative Climate Awards uses the arts and creativity to share knowledge, broaden the climate conversation, educate, and incite action.

"Our Creative Climate Awards use the creative process as a tool to inspire audiences to explore the consequences of their actions, think critically about pressing issues, and to make the environment personal. These events hope to inspire positive action around the challenges posed by climate change.​"

HUFFINGTON POST An interview and collection of artist interviews and responses regarding Climate Change, is now up on Huffington Post and Nexus Media:

At a time when people are looking for ways to make a difference, art may offer an important avenue. The arts have a rich history of inspiring action. Etre Britta’s work is inspired by the coastline of eastern Australia, her home country. Her paintings explore the “fluidity, beauty and power of our oceans."

“Unless we are personally connected to the cause or already value the ideals associated with it, there will be little motivation to nourish, care for or give back to Mother Earth,” says Britta. “By sharing creative works, and creating messages that can only be felt through the conversation of art, it become such a essential medium and tool for expressing and the passing on of ideas. I feel seeds can be planted within individuals who are in physical presence of the works; who observe in total openness, enabling a fleeting moment of vulnerability, and space for connection, unconscious thought and reflection. They're apart of an experience then, as a human being, and I don't feel you can help but be affected by the raw nature of some of these works.

So, rather than a tired old method of educating the public from a unenthused, disconnected and lectured standpoints, that, to be honest, no-one listens to or is able to connect with, we need to embrace the power and language of art! Climate Change is important, and we should be trying our best to engage in an emotionally inspiring and motivating manner!”

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