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I had the absolute pleasure of dancing alongside magic maker, fashion photographer, and creative mastermind, Ivy Erlinger, to create a story that was just too romantic to be true.

The Spring sun was glowing overhead, gently whispering into the wind that Summer was coming. I felt him trace the sun along my face, and saw him dance across my skin - wild and free - like the sand in the breeze, entangling in our hair, and cooling to touch like the gentle sea waves.

We started shooting with the sun soaked sunset and the infamous words of “Not all who wander are lost” in our heads… as we got pelted by sandy wind. Despite this, the whole team clamoured excitedly as we saw a turtle push its way down the hill and Britta danced across the dunes.” ~ Ivy.

Wearing clothing by LaPerla, R.M. Williams, Tree of Life, Winona Australia, Somedays Lovin and Ginger & Smart.

See the full story, and a little conversation up on C-Heads Mag under 'Thought-Provoking' : http://www.c-heads.com/2017/01/15/dancing-in-the-sand-dunes-with-britta-stephens/

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