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I had the wonderful opportunity to speak with Jess Metni, the mastermind, beauty, talent and creative director behind online Magazine HERMUST. A platform dedicated to covering lifestyle, fashion and beauty content for the modern woman.

With values based on feminity, selflessness, healthy lifestyle, the power of woman and living in style. Dreamy content, a beautiful creative eye in style, and stunning photography - I was delighted to have a little chat & interview with such an inspiring human being. @_hermust_

Here's a sneak peek at few words:

"With a name worthy of a great artist and an undeniable sense of creativity, she is edgy and full of passion. ETRE BRITTA is our monthly discovery. This Australian painter has accepted to let us into her world for an inspiring interview! Read what she had to say:

Q. First, where are you from, where are you based as an artist and why?

A. “I’m from Australia. I was born and raised in Sydney, and I’m very proud to call it home. Although, I constantly find myself out on the open road traveling.”

Q. How did you become an artist ? Were you always too sure that was the career you wanted? A. “I initially studied Fine Arts, before being steered towards a more 'sensible' career path (according to parents surrounding culture, environment etc.) To be honest, I wasn't brought up being told it was ever a ‘real’ possibility, but certainly an absolute dream I could never quite fathom being a reality. I quite literally woke up one morning, and decided I'd had enough of living someone else life. That the time was now or never. I needed to fill my heart, taking fuel and chasing what sets my soul on fire. I made a REALLY challenging life decision to break away from the status-quo around me, and start whole heartedly following my passions - jumping in feet first, not wanting to ever look back. That meant embracing a certain way-of-life different to most. It's been a challenge, it's certainly hard work, but I’ve never been happier waking up each and every morning knowing this is what I want to do with my life!”

Q. It requires a lot of inspiration to be an artist / painter, where do you find yours and how do you keep it coming?

A. “Being a part of nature; in beautiful, wild spaces is where I draw my inspiration. Being in Australia, I’m totally captivated by our land and seascapes. And, by travelling, I’m constantly being inspired by immersing myself in new, wonderful worlds. I’m currently in an remote northern town in Iceland, Skagaströnd, starting a new body of work – fully immersing myself in these magical surroundings.

Q. Does it ever happen you lack inspiration? If so, what is your solution to finding it back?

A. “I don’t feel I ever ‘lack’ inspiration, as it’s always out there, waiting to be found and observed. It’s just a matter of immersing myself, sketching, and taking time out to interact with my surroundings. I won’t ever push an idea for new work, though. I let it form quite organically by placing myself in the environment I’m drawn to at a particular point in time.”

Q. Being an artist must be a difficult career to handle considering the appreciation of your work is very subjective. How do you deal with the criticism and negative comments when they occur?

A. “Being able to surround yourself with support, love and encouragement from your family and friends is so important. Art IS subjective, and as an artist I feel I want to create for the sake of creating, to create for myself, rather than please anyone else. All you can do is push for what you love to do, and what you’re passionate about, and hope that there are a few like-minded souls along the way who have been inspired, and appreciate what you create.”

Q. In relation to our creative magazine, we are curious to know that beauty, lifestyle or fashion products you consider essential in your life as a woman?

A. ”I find being natural, minimal, a those moments where I'm feeling loving and comfortable within myself is where I feel most beautiful. My essential though, would have to be a beautiful set of lingerie! Just for yourself. It's so empowering. It's like a best kept secret, that your deciding to feel beautiful and confident just for you!"

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