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'ONE HELL OF A MUSE' An early Autumn morning - before the sun rose - we met and ventured to the seaside to capture the morning light, rolling waves, inhale the salt breeze, stroll along the sand, bask lazily in the sunshine, and muse at the wonderment that is the ocean. I had the absolute pleasure to work with an incredible team, and collaborate with creative upcoming talent Natalie Koval. The mastermind behind the editorial story.

When we first started planning this project - I had a fair idea of what the outcome could look like. Though, as with anything shot on location - the results are beautifully manifested in their own way. My aim was to capture Britta in her creative flow, a state in which she relaxes, explores, settles down and createsIt was so magical and inspiring the way she moved so freely and carelessly, seemingly knowing what the sun looked like highlighting the back of her hair, the tip of her nose and fingers.” ~ Nat.

Wearing clothing by Auguste The Label, Tree of Life, Shilla The Label, Kookai, and Vintage Clothing selected in Fitzroy, Melbourne.

See the full story, and a little write up on Summersite under 'SummerSeekers' :

'POEM by Britta' Golden sands are the bed for my feet, The salty waters the cradle of my mind. To be firm in step, And fluid in motion. So well describes how this, creative journey starts.

To be sure of self.

To know ones self.

But to be taken by the thoughts,

and thinkings of another mind.

To transition into the space,

of true fluidity of freedom.

As my feet slowly release their grasp,

from the ever changing world.

My mind drifts with the current of creativity,

And sails from the salts of solidarity.

Chains itself to the notion of true thought,

And releases the belief of its own doing,

in this ocean one.

For no one masters this ocean,

We are the master of only one thing -

the articulation of this experience.

_ _

Muse // Etre Britta @etre_britta

Stylist // Paige Murphy @paigemurphystylist

HMUA // Tia Vu @artistryco_bytiav

Photographer & Videographer // Natalie Koval @nataliekovalphoto

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